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You don’t want to live under a rock, simply because you’re trying to lose weight. You can still eat out and order a takeaway, you just need to be savvy when you do it.

  1. Drink a glass of water before you eat – This is super simple, and it works. Drink a glass of water before any meal – restaurant, takeaway or otherwise and you’ll naturally eat less during your meal.
  2. Don’t head out or order food when you’re hungry – It’s tempting to wait until you’re starved before you order, however you’re more likely to go for unhealthy foods for that quick fix and you’ll order more food than you actually need.
  3. Skip the pointless carbs – You can easily reduce the amount of calories in your meal by a tonne simply by skipping the rice with your curry, or saying no to the bread basket. You’ll save money too.
  4. Swap chips for jacket – 99% of restaurants will allow you to do this at no extra charge.
  5. Go for high protein – meals higher in protein will help you feel fuller and stop you from over eating and filling up on stacks of calorie dense carbs. A fillet steak in the pub is always a great option, a tikka mixed grill in the Indian, grilled chicken in Nandos, a shish kebab in the Turkish or anything Stir fried in the Chinese.
  6. Head to places that have plenty of choices and lighter bites: Pizza Express, Wetherspoons, Prezzo and Nando’s all do a healthy options menu with meals under 600 calories.
  7. Avoid creamy / deep fried dishes – Most dishes of the creamy / deep fried variety will likely carry more calories than those that don’t. Look for things that are grilled or baked and if it’s in a sauce look for tomato or ragu.
  8. Reduce the alcohol – I won’t lie, I cannot resist a glass of something when I eat out. If you want to have a drink, go for a small glass of wine or spirits. Avoid beer / cider or too much wine. A pint of beer will set you back around 250 calories by itself.
  9. Eat your veg and protein first, and your carbs last – Fill up on the healthiest, nutrient dense elements of your meal first. Eating protein and veggies before carbs will help you to feel more full and stop you from over indulging on calorie dense carbs.
  10. If you must have a pudding, share it or go for sorbet – The lowest calorie pudding you’ll find is likely sorbet. Yup frozen fruit juice – my thoughts exactly, until I tried a very well made sorbet, trust me it’s just as good, if not better than ice cream.

Still looking for a few more tips to boost your results over the weekend and still have a good time, head to, ‘Can I Enjoy my Weekends and Still Lose Weight?‘ for more pointers.

What are your restaurant and takeaway hacks?
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