So you want to turn heads every day?

Discover the F90 plan

Just Did It F90 plan
So you want to feel more confident at the office and at home?

My signature 1:1 coaching package is a 12 week online all inclusive plan designed specifically for busy legal professionals of all fitness levels that want to lose weight and tone up without having to go to a gym or live off dust for dinner.

If you want to amp up your confidence with your clients and in your personal life, you’ve come to the right place.

What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me?

Feel & Look The Part

Feel and look the part in and out of work – by knowing you look great in anything you wear

Energy & Productivity

Have more energy & double your productivity at work and at home


Feel more confident in and out of the office

Fits Your Schedule

No longer worry about fitting exercise around your busy schedule – your bespoke coaching package is designed to fit around hectic office hours and family commitments.

Flexible Eating Plans

Have the confidence to eat whatever you like, but still lose weight – a flexible eating plan that fits perfectly into your lifestyle.


Never worry about motivation – have someone to walk the walk and guide you every step of the way. Push through barriers and learn what’s holding you back.

Lose up to 20lb

Lose up to 20lbs and tone up with my signature 1:1 coaching program.

What makes me different from all the others?

I am a one woman band. I am a real person that has had real confidence and weight loss issues. I have a genuine interest in wanting my clients to suceed because I have travelled the journey you are about to embark on, made the mistakes and rode that emotional rollercoaster to success.

I am not a multinational company that wants to spit my clients through the mill as quickly as I can. So when I say that I provide a truly bespoke, personal service, that is really what it is.

I am not someone sitting in a call centre reading off a script. The level of support I offer my clients through weekly skype and unlimited e-mail contact ensures I go above and beyond the big brands.

I want my clients to be independent to such a level that they will never have to depend on the diet industry or a personal trainer ever again.

When you combine this level of support, with your tailor made workout and nutrition plan using my proven program you will change your life for the better.

Tanya lifting weights

What can I expect?

Initial on-boarding session and welcome package

1 x hourly coaching call per week with me to review your progress, keep you on track and support you to be accountable.

A Workout program that is designed according to your goals, abilities and your time that you can do anywhere all delivered on your phone.

A sustainable eating plan that is designed specifically around your lifestyle and goals which is simple and easy to stick to.

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