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"What's in it for me? Why should I go for online personal training?"

Online personal training is found to be more successful than face to face training for a number of reasons:

  • It is an affordable, complete solution to weight loss and toning. Seeing a face to face trainer would cost around £30 per hour. If you were to see them 3 times a week, that’s £90 a week or over £1000 for three months.
  • It is convenient – you can train any time, any place, any where.
  • Scheduelling is no longer an issue – you don’t have to fit your workouts round a face to face personal trainer.
  • Because all of your workouts and nutrition are logged and monitored, it keeps you accountable and motivated.
  • You can connect with me any time you need instead of having to wait until your next session.
  • It promotes independence – you are in control of your workouts.
  • You get more time with me as a coach with added coaching through Skype or telephone support. With a face to face personal trainer, all you have is the hour that you are with them to seek help.
"I see lots of programs for sale on Facebook that are much cheaper. Why is that?"

My favourite saying, ‘buy cheap, buy twice’.

The programs that you see for sale on Facebook (unless otherwise indicated) are what we call in the industry ‘cookie cutter programs’. These are a one size fits all template. This is literally one program that they dish out to thousands of people. For a program to work, it needs to be tailor made and as individual as you are. When you buy into these cookie cutter programs, you are essentially paying £20 for an e-book. There’s no on-going support.

"What if I change my mind?"

I provide a 14-day risk free money back guarantee from the day you start your program. If you don’t like the service, and you feel there is nothing I can do to change your mind, you don’t pay. It’s as simple as that.

"Won't I struggle with my motivation if I am doing this myself?"

You are definitely not doing this alone. The whole purpose of the service that I provide, is that I am with you every step of the way so that you feel fully supported. I will do this through a number of mediums: through Skype or telephone coaching calls, unlimited wattsapp or e-mail support and regular reviews of your support plan. You can always message me if you have a problem or a question and I can answer your bigger questions during our coaching calls.

I also give you a few extra surprises throughout your plan along the way to keep you feeling good about yourself and reaching your goals.

"How am I going to stay accountable?"

You are in control of your own plan. The app that delivers all of your workout and nutrition plans allows you to log everything that you do. If you have a Fitbit, the app links to this as well, so you can see all of your stats in real time. All of your logged workouts and nutrition will be monitored by me, to support you should you need it. Furthermore, it sounds silly, but if you are also financially invested in something, you are more likely to see it to the end.

"How am I going to find the time to do my plan?"

Because your plan is bespoke, it is designed specifically around your lifestyle and goals and how much time you have to comit to the process. I typically use my ‘body burn method’ or better known as HIIT, which allows you to burn body fat in less than a 20 minute workout.

Your workouts can be designed for you to do at home, at the gym, or at the park – this is down to your personal choice.

"What is the difference between your program and the ones you can get for free?"

The programs you get for free are known as ‘cookie cutter programs’ this means they are a one size fits all deal. For a workout and nutrition program to work, it needs to be written specifically to each individual client. Cookie cutter programs don’t take into account your abilities and weaknesses. They offer little to no coaching or support, so you run the risk of wasting your time, or worse, becoming seriously injured.

"How am I going to know what to do?"

Your workout and nutrition programs are delivered in one handy little app that you can access through your phone, tablet or laptop. Your workout plans have full video instruction and written instruction as well – it’s like watching a workout DVD. Your nutrition plans are again accessed through the app – complete with recipes and shopping lists. If there is something you don’t like, you can swap it.

"How quickly will I see results?"

My programs are 90 days long – this is the minimum amount of time that you need to comit to my program to see good results. You will start to see changes in your body from around 4 weeks, but to see a real change, it’ll take 90 days.

"Why a lifestyle change and not a diet?"

Whilst some diets are initially effective for weight loss, they are a short-term fix. Diets usually enforce restriction that people generally find very difficult to adhere to long term. Usually what happens, is that someone will go on a diet, lose a lot of weight but will then gain all of it back and usually more once the diet is finished. They then go back to their regular eating habits. Most diets are simply too restrictive to do long term. A lifestyle change means making small realistic, achievable changes to your lifestyle that you can stick to for the rest of your life. This means that you will lose weight more slowly, but because you have made permanent lasting changes you will not put the weight back on.

"What is the 'body burn' method and why does it work?"

My body burn method or better known as HIIT (high intensity interval training) is a form of interval training, made up of cardio exercises alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise, with less intense recovery periods. HIIT workouts provide improved athletic capacity and condition, as well as improved glucose metabolism. Research has shown that HIIT regimens successfully produce significant reductions in the fat mass of the whole-body.

There is also a phenomenon that you may have heard of called the ‘afterburn’ effect. This is additional energy expenditure that occurs after exercise. The technical term is “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption” or EPOC. After your workout, your body performs a variety of tasks to recover. For example, replenishment of oxygen stores and repair of muscle. These processes require oxygen, oxygen consumption rises after exercise, and costs energy, so additional calories are burned above the resting rate. Several studies suggest that there is a strong correlation between the number of calories burned post exercise and the activity’s intensity. Simply put: The more intense the exercise, the more oxygen your body consumes afterwards.

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